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What is Sustainable Jamestown?

Sustainable Jamestown is an action plan with concrete steps we can all take as a community to ensure that what we love about Jamestown is still here for future generations.

Sustainable Jamestown is about planning for change and becoming stronger and more resilient, so that we can adapt, bounce back from problems quickly, and maintain quality of life for all islanders. 

Sustainable Jamestown is about caring and providing for members of our community who may need more support and a home designed to meet their needs.

Sustainable Jamestown looks at issues like sea level rise, climate change, and increased intensity and frequency of storms and works with the community to develop strategies that address impacts from these anticipated future events.

Sustainable Jamestown recognizes the need to provide islanders with opportunities and places to connect, share their stories, argue their differences, and make new friends.

Sustainable Jamestown is about listening to everyone who has a stake in Jamestown’s future so we can learn about living and working on the island and addressing the biggest issues our community will face.

Why Should You Care?

Your voice will be a part of Jamestown’s future vision as it tackles tough questions about environmental health, housing opportunities, historic preservation, and economic growth.

Sustainable Jamestown is not a state mandated plan – it is entirely driven by the Town, which hopes to get ahead of the curve by planning for change together.

Sustainable Jamestown will create policies the Town can use to maintain the quality of life residents and visitors have come to expect in Jamestown. For example . . .

  • How can we maintain our local resident-serving businesses?
  • How can we ensure that our children, grandchildren, aging parents, and others can afford to live here in the future?
  • What infrastructure on the island is most at risk of flooding and sea-level rise, and what can we do now to make sure we have safe roads and bridges in the future?
  • How can we better protect our vulnerable drinking water supply?
  • How can we ensure that tourism and events on the island support our economy and our community without harming our natural environment or quality of life?

Through Sustainable Jamestown, you can learn about the unique risks of living on an island and how we as a community can be resilient and adaptive into the future.

Sustainability isn’t just about government actions – every single resident and visitor has a role to play in making sure Jamestown’s quality of life persists for future generations.

By acting locally, we are doing our small part in the larger global effort to protect our planet.

What will this Plan Address?

That's largely up to you!  We have some thoughts about the issues that we may most likely want to address as a community, but over the next few months, we want to hear what YOU feel is most important so we can shape the plan accordingly.

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