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Welcome to Sustainable Jamestown!

What is Sustainable Jamestown?

The Town of Jamestown strives to meet our existing needs without compromising resources for future generations. Municipal decision-making will weigh the social, economic, and environmental impacts of its choices and consider their long-term effects.

Sustainable Jamestown is a way to connect with the Town and each other about sustainability issues. It includes an action plan with things we can all do as a community to ensure that what we love about Jamestown is still here for future generations.

Sustainable Jamestown is about planning for change in order to be stronger and more resilient, so that we can adapt, bounce back from problems and crises quickly, and maintain quality of life for all Islanders.

Goal of Sustainable Jamestown

Sustainable Jamestown envisions a livable and resilient community that actively promotes a high quality of life for today’s residents as well as future generations. Sustainability is not an end goal but a philosophy that all Jamestowners are encouraged to embrace for the benefit of social equity, environmental health, and a thriving economy. The Town of Jamestown recognizes that our island resources are treasured yet finite, a healthy economy is essential to our well-being, our quality of life is worth preserving, and our residents an asset to our community - forward-thinking, creative, diverse, and passionate.

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