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CLICK HERE to read the draft Guiding Principles, Goals, and Actions for Sustainable Jamestown

CLICK HERE for a report of everything we heard from Jamestowners in 2017

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Below are links to resources on a number of topics related to sustainability.


Sustainability Plan Examples from across the Country

Jamestown may be the first municipality in Rhode Island to prepare a Sustainability Plan, but it's not alone. Places throughout the country have done great work we can learn from. Click below to learn more.


Water Supply Issues in Jamestown

Jamestown's water supply is general clean and safe, but it is far from reliable. Public water levels can get dangerously low in particularly dry summers. Click below to read past reports and current efforts to secure Jamestown's long term water supply.

Sea Level Rise Jamestown.png

Climate Change and Sea Level Rise

Rhode Island has done a great deal of work in recent years studying the potential impacts of climate change and sea-level rise across the state and specifically in Jamestown. Click below to learn more.



As of 2015, Jamestown had the second highest home sales prices in Rhode Island, just after Block Island. What does this mean for Jamestown's future?


Healthy Communities

Quality of local food systems, recreational opportunities, bicycle and pedestrian amenities, “green” homes, and traditional neighborhood design are just some of the things that contribute positively to public health in a community.

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Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency

Rhode Island has made a commitment to secure baseline data on energy use for all cities and towns in the state. With the assistance of URI, Jamestown has gotten a better idea of its own energy usage. Click below to learn more.


Economics of Place

Celebrating the great places in Jamestown, including its local businesses, coastline and beaches, ferries/docks, historic structures and landscapes, is a key to economic sustainability.


Community Resiliency

There are a number of resources in Jamestown to make sure that all residents are able to meet their basic needs, feel safe in their community, and thrive.