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'Our Resources' Issues:

  • Energy Use – Look at municipal facilities and operations to find ways to improve energy efficiency. Consider renewable energy resources as a way to power municipal facilities and operations.
  • Environmental Resources – The quality of the island’s natural environment is one of the primary reasons people live in and visit Jamestown. Our actions impact water, air, and soil. We can encourage choosing more environmentally-friendly products and engaging in practices that put fewer pollutants into the environment and lesser stress on natural resources.
  • Solid Waste – There are multiple benefits of producing less waste to the Town and the community at large (municipal costs to bring waste to the landfill, less being put in the landfill). Reduce, reuse, and recycle.
  • Green Construction – encouraging developers and the construction business to use greener practices
  • Narragansett Bay is an important environmental, economic, and cultural resource. Use of the Bay and land uses along the coast can have impacts on water quality.