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Solid Waste

Resources to reduce, reuse, and recycle

RI Resource Recovery Corporation

How is Jamestown doing at recycling compared to other Rhode Island cities and towns?

Jamestown Transfer Station: Trash & Recycling

RI Resource Recovery Corporation offers lots of resources on a wide range of topics. Visit “Reducing and Reusing” to get tips to lessen what gets thrown away like getting things repaired, switching to reusables, preventing food waste, and reducing junk mail.

Do-It-Yourself Composting

Running a Municipal-lead Composting Program

Start your own food-scrap collection business… on your bike?

Spotlight on Single-Use Plastic Bags

Jamestown was the fourth community in Rhode Island to ban single-use plastic bags. Clean Ocean Access helped the Town reach this goal. Continuing to work towards banning single-use plastics needs to continue if overall recycling of plastics is going to become more of a challenge. We also need to make personal choices that reduce plastics in our trash.