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'Our Community' Issues:

  • Who Lives in Jamestown? – Over the past several decades the town’s population has been getting older and median incomes are rising. This impacts housing needs, social networks, school population, and other factors. How do we meet these challenges.

  • Housing – Housing costs are rising and can impact older residents and younger families wanting to move to Jamestown. How do we maintain a diverse population?

  • Social Wellbeing and Civic Participation – Town government needs to keep connected with citizens. It must recognize the diverse needs and interests of residents and support programs (municipal and others) that meet these needs. How do we engage all residents in public discourse around local issues and encourage participation in civic affairs?

  • Healthy and Active Community – The design of our communities can impact public health. Providing opportunities for residents to be active can encourage healthier lifestyles and help address chronic diseases.

  • Public Schools – Schools are an important asset in the community. While overall enrollment is declining, they are critical to supporting the community both educationally and culturally while also attracting families to Jamestown. The Town should look holistically at its facilities to ensure all the buildings are being used efficiently and that sustainability is incorporated into all building programs.

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