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Our Community

Jamestown is a quiet, safe community where everyone seems to know each other. In fact, many families have lived in Jamestown for generations. Residents speak highly of the schools, respect the island’s history, and love to support local artists, shops, and restaurants. As our climate changes, our economy continues to globalize, costs continue to rise, and communication becomes harder to manage—Jamestowners will need to think strategically about how to protect many aspects of their quality of life. Education, civic engagement, and housing opportunity will be high priority focus areas for the community.

Our Community Fact Sheet

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Issues (Learn More):

  • Who Lives in Jamestown?

  • Housing Costs and Types

  • Social Wellbeing and Civic Participation

  • Healthy and Active Community

  • Public Schools

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  1. Achieve and maintain a mix of housing options for people of all socioeconomic backgrounds, ages, household groups, and preferences (including seniors, young families, singles, and people with disabilities).

  2. Support local organizations, services, infrastructure, and programs that provide access to diverse housing opportunities, quality education, active and healthy lifestyles.

  3. Participate actively and effectively in civic affairs and understand the basic principles of sustainability.

  4. Support local and regional (Washington and Newport Counties) agriculture and aquaculture as well as food products, crafts, and other goods and services.

  5. Communicate and share information effectively with the public, making the best use of available technology and methods that reach a wide audience.


  1. Explore options for better utilizing and expanding the local land holdings of the Community Housing Land Trust.

  2. Coordinate with the Library’s existing efforts to promote volunteerism in the community through its public educational campaign about volunteer opportunities Jamestown. Find other connections in the community to identify additional ways to increase volunteer opportunities outside of local boards and committees relating to sustainability.

  3. Make connections with local non-profits that provide services or programming around social wellbeing and healthy life styles to build a social network around sustainability.

  4. Encourage partnerships between local farms and the Jamestown School Department and Senior Center to supply seasonal produce for lunch programs.

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