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Resources for Housing

As of 2015, Jamestown had the second highest home sales prices in Rhode Island, just after Block Island. What does this mean for Jamestown's future?

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Jamestown Housing Data, Housing Works RI

HousingWorks RI at Roger Williams University puts out an annual fact book with housing data for Rhode Island and all of its municipalities.  How does Jamestown compare with its neighbors?


Ways to Save: Energy Efficiency in the Home

National Grid has a variety of guidance and programs to help homeowners make their homes more energy efficient.

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Jamestown 2015 Data Points for Comprehensive Planning

The RI Statewide Planning Program has prepared data for every city and town to use in their comprehensive plans. On top of general demographics, this document contains a great deal of data on housing in Jamestown.


RI Community Profiles: Housing

ProvPlan collects and packages data on a variety of topics for every city and town in Rhode Island.  Visit this page for information on the condition of Jamestown's housing stock and who lives there.