Resources for Climate Change & Sea Level Rise

Click on the links below to learn more. Or visit STORMTOOLS for Beginners, type in your home address, and explore an interactive map showing other resources in Jamestown that may be vulnerable to sea-level rise.

Fact Sheet Cover.png

Coastal Sea Level Rise and Storm Surge: Transportation Fact Sheet

This fact sheet, prepared by the RI Statewide Planning Program, aims to provide a survey of Jamestown’s
transportation infrastructure elements that may be affected by sea level rise and storm surge.

Hazard Mitigation Plan.png

Jamestown Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan, 2014

What are the Town's current plans for dealing with natural hazards, including climate change?

Jamestown Sea Level Rise: Map Atlas Grid

Close up Sea Level Rise maps for Jamestown prepared by the RI Statewide Planning Program.

Maps Cover Sheet.png

Sea Level Rise Scenarios, Town of Jamestown

More detailed data on the transportation infrastructure in Jamestown at risk by sea level rise and storm surge.