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Resources for Water Supply

How much do you know about Jamestown's water supply? With the exception of an emergency flexible pipe that can be rolled across the bridge to connect with North Kingstown's water supply, all of Jamestown's potable water comes from rain that falls on the island.  People on Town water are supplied from reservoirs and town-managed wells or else their own private wells. The largest threats to Jamestown's water supply are drought and potential water contamination from densely situated septic systems.

Jamestown Drinking Water Assessment Results

Written in 2003 by the RI Department of Health, this document provides a great summary of Jamestown's water situation that is largely still relevant today. CLICK HERE to read the full report: Jamestown Source Water Assessment and Wastewater Needs Analysis.


Town of Jamestown Water Regulations, 2009

From outdoor watering restrictions to low-flow appliance requirements, do you know what the Town's policies are for conserving water.

Town of Jamestown Water Supply System Management Plan Executive Summary

Prepared in 2006 by the RI Water Resources Board, this document describes the Town's water system and how it is run. Only the summary of this plan is publicly available, to keep the details of the water system private in order to protect the water supply from tampering.

Report of the Jamestown Water Study Committee

Prepared in 2003 by this Town committee, this report gives a good history of the options and opportunities for expanding and securing the island's water supply.