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Our Local Economy

For decades, Jamestown has maintained its identity as one of the quieter, but most picturesque destinations along the Rhode Island coastline. This “sense of place” provides the foundation for a steady, but not overwhelming, tourist economy on the island. As Jamestown looks to the future of a sustainable local and regional economy, access to its unique assets will be essential to maintaining a local economy of place.

Our Local Economy Fact Sheet

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Issues (Learn More):

  • Maintaining Local Business

  • Creative Placemaking

  • Sustainable Tourism

  • Sustainable Business Practices

  • Sustainable Agriculture & Aquaculture

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  1. Nurture a diverse, stable, local economy that supports the basic needs of all Jamestown residents.

  2. Maintain the distinct sense of place and character in the Jamestown Village anchored by its historic buildings and promoting sensitive new construction, vibrant public spaces, and the arts.

  3. Promote the efficient use of resources by businesses, organizations, and local government agencies within Jamestown through the adoption of sustainable business practices.


  1. The Town, as a member of the Newport Chamber of Commerce, will participate in regional economic development efforts and take advantage of professional support offered through the Chamber’s Regional Economic Development Division.

  2. The Town will take a leadership role by developing a toolkit by 2020 to encourage the adoption of sustainable practices by Jamestown businesses.

  3. Recognize the arts as a viable element of Jamestown economy and include the art community in local economic development initiatives.

  4. Develop a dialogue to understand farmer’s needs to be viable in the future, while maintaining Jamestown’s rural character.

  5. Develop ways to encourage residents and visitors to park in underutilized parking areas within walking distance of Village businesses.

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