Our Progress

Under Construction

Ongoing Reporting on Progress

How successful has Jamestown been in reaching its sustainability goals?  Every year, the Town will prepare a progress report and report card to track our progress. Together, these two tools are what make Sustainable Jamestown different from other plans. By openly acknowledging where progress has been made and where issues remain, Sustainable Jamestown serves as the definitive resource for community decision makers.  Click the links below to see the initial baseline report and compare it with the progress we’ve made together.

Sustainable Jamestown Baseline Report

[UNDER CONSTRUCTION: This will include all the initial data points collected for the Indicators.]

Sustainable Jamestown Report Card

[UNDER CONSTRUCTION: This summary document will provide an overview of Jamestown’s progress towards and challenges to sustaining its quality of life.  The Report Card will present issue area summaries and “grades” based on indicator data.]