Resources for Economics of Place

On the one hand, there is a limited number of jobs in Jamestown compared to other towns in Rhode Island. On the other hand, over half of all people who work in Jamestown also live in Jamestown - a higher percentage than any town other than New Shoreham! How can Jamestown continue to sustain most of its workforce with local residents?  Check out the RI Department of Labor and Training's Labor Market Information Data Center for more facts and figures.

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RI Commuting Patterns

This analysis, prepared by the RI Department of Labor and Training in 2014, is an interesting look at where Jamestown residents work and where Jamestown workers live, along with statistics on income, educational attainment, etc. See pg18 for Jamestown data


Newport County Chamber of Commerce

The Newport County Chamber of Commerce is a wealth of information on economic development and support for local businesses. Check out their Economic Development page.

The Jamestown Chamber of Commerce preserves and improves the quality of life in Jamestown and creates an atmosphere of goodwill between the business community and the residents of Jamestown, by focusing on both the village area and the larger business community on the island.


RI Community Profiles: Economy

ProvPlan collects and packages data on a variety of topics for every city and town in Rhode Island.  Visit this page for information on income, poverty, and employment in Jamestown.


Did you know that Rhode Island was the sixth destination in the world and the second U.S. state to sign the Geotourism Charter? Geotourism incorporates the concept of sustainable tourism—that destinations should remain unspoiled for future generations—while allowing for enhancement that protects the character of the locale.